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We have created three different types of kits so you can choose only one that will fully meet all your needs. The price depends on the quantity of items inside the box.

Reasons why you need this kit:

Keeping your child entertained on the go

Simplifying travel preparing

Keeping your child quiet

Developing play skills

Reasons why you’ll love this kit:

Box full of entertaining ideas

Developing native language skills

Brand new games and books



We have already made more than 1000 kits

Order in advance to get a 5% discount

Leave your phone number and specify the date of travel, we will remind you about the kit that will be prepared right on time


Contents of the kit

We offer two types of the kit: a full kit (20-30 items) and a mini kit (15-25 items). The quantity of items depends on a child’s age.

Depending on a child’s age the kit includes art supplies,

developmental toys and games, items to “WOW” your child,

instructions and some surprises.

Kits are available in different bags, which meet a child’s age and mum’s preferences. These bags can be tailor made by hand





Awesome! My daughter is so happy. Me too, because now we have one more reason to improve her Russian through play. I was pleasantly surprised to see many different items in the bag. I recommend this wonderful kit to all parents.


I have received the kit. I just want to say that I love it so much! The items are well chosen, everything I usually have to take, but in small amounts.

I have not even hit on the idea to use some of the items.

Thank you so much!


I purchased a mini kit for an 18-month-old boy. Fast delivery, high quality bag, different kinds of toys that are a good match for the child’s age. He likes it so much. Thank you! I highly recommend this kit.


Choose your kit

Thank you so much for the kit! It was love at first sight! Today we have already tested it on the go. The kit is so easy to use, we have just hanged it on a hook and kids were checking what’s inside it.



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